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Fainting-Star, one of our very own contributors, has a wonderful news article posted that features some amazing work found in her group :iconillustrationnow:. If you could, please check it out. :D The article contains some breathtaking pieces that deserve more views than they've received thus far.

You can find it all here:…

I was recently talking with another member on this subject and it got me to thinking that I could, as a contributor, write a blog on this subject.

In the Slytherin folder there are several deviations that are obvious 'paint overs' of copyrighted photographs from the Warner Brothers Harry Potter films. Painting over a photograph just to try to claim it is digital art and avoid the copyright issue is lame.

This is copyright infringement and is against DA policy.

It is also rather amusing how these people will fuss 'don't copy this' and say that it is their art when they themselves are in fact infringing on copyright.

Learn to paint or draw or use stock that is available as stock even if your Snape/Draco/Dumbledor/Harry doesn't look like the film because that is the only way you can avoid this rather uncomfortable situation.

And I would like it if this type of 'art' gets blocked so that DA mods don't close our group.

Thank you.

This entry has nothing important concerning the group, rules-/guidelines-wise, but I just have to share with you fellow Harry Potter addicts something that I found a few months ago and fell in love with. Some of you might have already seen it, but if not it's A Very Potter Musical. This HP parody performance is terribly funny, a must-see if you have about 3 hours of free time. For me, Draco and Voldemort stole the show! Enjoy!

A Very Potter Musical
Welcome to Addicted-To-Potter. :heart:

There are some guidelines I'd like to set; it's not much, don't worry.

:bulletred: To be a contributor, you need to be a fan (obviously), and you need to have Harry Potter fan art of some kind already in your gallery.

:bulletred: All members can submit art work.

:bulletred: Anyone can suggest faves for the group, but they all have to be Harry Potter related. But please note! There are folders for each House (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff). Place characters in the right folder. If the image is a mixture of characters from different Houses, just place it into the "featured" folder.

:bulletred: All types of art is allowed in this group, including fanfictions. Please, don't hold those back.

Please enjoy, and have fun!

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